The Chalkboard

Every week we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the classroom here at Westend Community Playschool(WECP). From the weekly focus boards to field trips and snack days! We do show it all. This blog runs in conjunction with the seesaw app we use to give parents daily updates of what’s happening in the classroom.



Our 3D Tour is Here!

Explore WECP From Home!

It’s Official! April 12, 2019 WECP Takes a GIANT Leap into the 3D Digital AGE! Not only will we now keep up with the changing times, having this 3D showcase will relieve much of the pressure from staff and volunteers having to show the space to so many applicants every week!


This way the space can be previewed by parents and if they want to see more then they can book an in person tour. The 3D tour will be posted to social media as well as the main contact page on the website for viewing. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! Let’s get this puppy rolling!

We also have new still photos that will be assembled into a gallery and posted to the facebook page for viewing as well.


We hope everyone enjoys using this new feature as much as we do!

May you be well,