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Every week we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the classroom here at Westend Community Playschool(WECP). From the weekly focus boards to field trips and snack days! We do show it all. This blog runs in conjunction with the seesaw app we use to give parents daily updates of what’s happening in the classroom.

The Lotus Studios – Fundraising Opportunity

Well the school year is back in full swing, and the weather is getting chillier. As often happens, our minds turn towards cozy fun with family and friends. Have your childrens grandparents been hankering for new photos of your family? Want to get some update shots to plaster Instagram, Facebook or even your home with?


As promised in our last post, this week we will be hi-lighting another great opportunity to support our little community by doing something many of you already do each year!


We have partnered with The Lotus Studios, a company run by a local family located right here in West Edmonton. The Lotus Studios is a parent company, with three focuses inside. The Sandbox Photography specializes in family, maternity and newborn. Craig Newbery Photography specializes in weddings, business and portraits. And Action Sports Photography specializes in, you guessed it, sports!

Gift certificates in any amount and photography sessions will be discounted for the friends and families of WECP! Digital and print sessions are available to suit every budget, and they travel all over Alberta. 


When you mention WECP during your purchase or booking you will 10% off your session, and WECP will receive 20% as a kickback towards our brilliant programming!


Do you have any big events coming up that you would like to capture? Visit or call (587) 985-7084 and book your spots today!


We’ve got one last big fundraising opportunity coming up, and it sure is sweet. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming up real soon!


Lets chat again soon!

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