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Every week we keep you up to date on what’s happening in the classroom here at Westend Community Playschool(WECP). From the weekly focus boards to field trips and snack days! We do show it all. This blog runs in conjunction with the seesaw app we use to give parents daily updates of what’s happening in the classroom.

Mabel’s Labels – Fundraising Opportunity

  Fundraising is starting for our 2019/2020 school year, and to start we have an exciting new connection for you!



Things get lost, many times children will have the same or similar items to other children and things will get swapped, or mysterious items appear and no one knows to whom they belong! Enter, Mabel’s labels. Mabel’s Labels is a customizable label service I’m sure many of you have at least heard of, if not are already using for your kids. Being laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe (Pst… They’re also 100$ guaranteed!), these labels are a lifesaver, and now with every purchase you can help WECP flourish!         



So what are they for? How does your purchase go to support the playschool? How do you purchase? Let’s dive in, shall we!

These labels can be applied to just about any product you can think of, including clothing (winter coats, hats, mitts anyone?) bags (backpacks, suitcases, even sleeping bags for summer camp!), waterbottles, tupperwear and the list goes on! They’ve got kids safety products such as medical alert tags & bracelets, perfect for allergies. They even have labels for adults, so Cherie in Marketing doesn’t steal your delicious slice of pie “by accident”.



Each purchase you make returns a 20% commission back to the school, allowing more funding for supplies, toys and the other things that make WECP such a remarkable place for learning and fun.

It’s easy as pie to do, simply head over to and click the “Support a fundraiser” tab. Enter “Westend Community Playschool (Edmonton) and start shopping!


Share the good news folks, and we’ll be back to hi-light another awesome way to support our school in our next blog post (pst… this next one is perfect for the holiday season).


Lets chat again soon!

WECP Board