There are no parent duty days or cleaning bees at Westend Community Playschool, but as a parent-run playschool we do still depend on volunteers to ensure the playschool runs smoothly.

The playschool asks that each family provide one parent to volunteer for one “job” per child during the year. These jobs range from serving on the playschool board, or helping out with fundraising, to sourcing new toys for the playschool. Families have the opportunity to sign up for a job of their choosing at the playschool’s tuition payment event. Families who are unable to take on a job during the year may alternatively pay a $100 volunteer fee.


Your child’s progress

Monthly newsletters and calendars are sent home to let parents know the concepts we are studying. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress with the teachers at any time throughout the year. Parent-teacher interviews are also held in early spring.

During our units on community helpers, we encourage parents to talk to the teachers about sharing your special interest or skill with the class.


Snack/Show and Share Program

Each child is assigned to bring snack for his/her class on a rotational basis. Your child’s snack day is also their “show and share” day. We encourage students to bring something special that they would like to share and tell everyone about, whether it is a special stuffed animal, toy, picture, collection or book. Snack suggestions can be found in the parent handbook (e.g. we are a nut-free school). Parents are invited to attend this special time with their child’s class.


Parent Handbook

Please see our parent handbook for more important details about our programs and policies.